2010-03-19: Demystifying the GEOSS Infrastructure - Virtual Workshop 2

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Standards Implementation Virtual Workshops

GEOSS can be thought of like a pool where resources can be shared. The resources are provided using standards. By sharing the resources using standard methods to the pool, multiple applications can be built on top of the pool that access a variety of data.

AQ Infrastructure Slides

To add

Data/Metadata Provider perspective on MfD: MfD intro

  • MfD purpose, function in GEOSS
  • MfD structure and content
  • MfD content
  • procedures, tools and methods for preparing the MfD

Provider perspective on MfD:

  • uFind what it is
  • uFind hou to use it
    • links

What is the Pool?

Everything that is registered in the GEOSS Registry or in a community catalog can be found in the clearinghouse.

Getting into the Pool

To get into the pool

  • Creating Data Access Services
  • Creating metadata that allows data to be found and accessed
  • Add metadata to Community Catalog

Getting out of the Pool?

  • Clearinghouse has an API
  • GEO Portals and Community portals query the clearinghouse