2008-07-02: Subcommittee on Interoperability Telecon Minutes

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Subcommittee on Interoperability -- Air Quality Data Summit

July 2, 2008, 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT
Conference Room C351K
Call-in 919-541-1591

Conference Call Meeting Notes

COMMITTEE MEMBERS, Attendees who announced themselves:

Phil Dickerson
Tim Dye
Les Hook
Rudy Husar
Nick Mangus
Shawn McClure
David Mintz
Heidi Paulsen
Erin Robinson
Bret Schichtel
Uma Shankar
Joe Tikvart
Mike Uhl
Steve Young


No specific date. Topics for the next meeting may be submitted to Joe Tikvart (tikvart.joe@epa.gov) or identified in a new area on the wiki, along with relevant documents, at http://wiki.esipfed.org/index.php/Community_Air_Quality_Data_System_Workspace .


See the file (http://capita.wustl.edu/capita/capitareports/080701_EPA_Interop/080702_DataSummitDS.ppt ) concerning “data use through federation”. This concept was discussed extensively by Rudy Husar. Other subjects discussed include:

  • Inclusion of ozone and precusors in VIEWS as a demonstration of interoperability; it would be good to place data in VIEWS that can take advantage of visualization tools and distributed access.
  • “It is best to do things where it is best to do them.”
  • The need for a framework for negotiation between computers; it might be best for users if they could get aggregated data that has been “EPA sanctioned”.
  • Use of “browse images/data” that provide a “light-weight” approach to exploring at a high level, e.g., GoogleEarth.
  • Where to store versus where to process data; generally it is better to store raw data locally in order to facilitate processing; interoperability options should be explored and decisions made early.
  • The concept of a “wrapper” is important.
  • Development of the data exchange standard by Domenico.
  • The need for an ad hoc group concerned with earth science to address data standards, e.g. satellite data, and access to raw data through a federated system.

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