Winter 2016 Meeting

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This page is used for planning. For all Winter Meeting details see the page on the ESIP Commons

Dates[edit | edit source]

January 6-8, 2016

Venue[edit | edit source]

The 2016 Winter ESIP Federation Meeting will be held at the Wardman Park Marriott

Meeting Enhancement Issues and Thoughts[edit | edit source]

Theme Options[edit | edit source]

  • Earth Science Data, Big and Large: Changing text for Winter/Summer
    • Earth Science Data, Big and Large Data: Reuse and Modeling (Winter)
  • Earth Science Data: Reuse and Modeling
  • Earth Science Data Big and Large: Reuse and Modeling
  • Big Data in Earth Science: Reuse and Large-Scale Modeling
  • Big Data in Earth Science: Reuse and Modeling
    • Talk about different kinds of large datasets
    • Technologies that weren't created for Earth science (HBase, Apache Spark, Hadoop for everyone)
    • Are your Data Big? What Big Data means in Earth Science
    • Large-scale models
  • Big Data Reuse and Modeling
  • A Year of Data: Modeling, Big Data, and Reuse
  • Data Challenges: Modeling, Big Data, and Reuse
  • Making Data (Re)Useful for Modeling
  • Big Data, Climate Models, and Resilience: Data Science for Transdisciplinary Outcomes
  • Big Data, Models, and Resilience: Data Science for Transdisciplinary Outcomes
  • Modeling, Big Data and Resilience: ...
    • How do you manage data to be used by models?
    • Professional Dev tracks
    • Use strategic plan as track/binning
  • focus on big data
  • focus on open science
  • focus on implementing new climate change data sources and tools
  • focus on delivering data applications to resource managers
  • Past ESIP Meeting Themes
  • Suggested Themes

Types of breakouts[edit | edit source]

  • Talk (e.g., Powerpoint)
  • Demonstration (online software or web-site walk-through
  • Problem-solving session (facilitated discussion among participants to address a specific problem)
  • Tutorial/Training (instructor-led classroom-style session to teach attendees)/lab
  • Panel Session
  • Writing Session
  • Hack Sprint (mini Hackathon)
  • Planning Session

May also think about breaking breakouts into shorter/longer chunks

Plenary Talk Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Gavin Schmidt TED Talk
  • Jerry Sheehan, OSTP’s Assistant Director for Scientific Data and Information
  • Modeler panel?
  • Christine Borgman

Discussion and notes[edit | edit source]

Visioneers Meeting 8/31/15[edit | edit source]

Participants: Erin R., Annie B., Dan K., Rebecca F., Denise H., Bruce C., Ken K. and Jamie R.

  • Denise H. suggested Lavalier microphones and an ipad or dedicated laptop to improve remote participation.
  • The DC area for summer meetings has issues (cost, hotel coverage). Asheville's new collaborative workspace and NOAA connections are positives.
  • Highlight the success story of the Drone Cluster as something that ESIP can facilitate.
  • Visioneers could come up with a new name that combines BOF and Hackerspace, i.e. a place to connect that can also be action-oriented.
  • Winter Meeting Theme could align with common-theme suggestions from ESIP meeting (Denise H. to share G-doc) surveys AND the needs of NOAA and NASA.
  • Ask our NOAA and NASA connections about theme ideas .
  • Next Visioneers Meeting in 2-3 weeks (Erin R. or AB to suggest meeting time)