Winter 2015 Meeting

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This page was used for planning. For all Winter Meeting details see the page on the ESIP Commons:


January 6-8, 2015


The 2015 Winter ESIP Federation Meeting will be held at the Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel (1143 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20007).

Theme Options

  • Data and services for mitigating and adapting to climate effects in agriculture (from Bill Teng)
  • Food Resilience - Climate, Energy, Water Nexus and how data-driven (enabled?) science can support

--is this a bit broad? how about: Earth science and data in support of food resilience

  • Adapting Land Use to Accommodate Climate Change using Earth Science Data: Food, Water, Energy & Economics (from Nancy Hoebelheinrich)

Meeting Enhancement Issues and Thoughts

Plenary Talks


Potential Speakers:

Discussion and notes

LP DAAC is currently working with the MEaSUREs Global Food Security Area Database @ 30m team - w/ some provisional data to be available next year, and project completion in 2018. (from Stacie Bennett).

Has there been a recent ESIP on public engagement, particularly around unconventional energy development? Or even the broader topic of unconventional energy? Could even relate that back to climate... (from Denise Hills)

Give more info to meeting participants…e.g., Do a PRE meeting call on the State of the Federation, for new meeting participants…

Session leads doing a round-up. Some sentences on a poster, people can make comments, feedback potential… spread these around the hallways.

TO do list for session leads… on the wiki.

Remote participation issues remain. Audio is a problem in a lot of hotel conference rooms.

Goddard presentation at winter meeting… local ESIP can be given opportunity to have some greater presence.

State of the Federation talk for every meeting!

I'd like to see the theme broadened to Food Security in climate change conditions. For Alaska, this is not just about agriculture, but includes hunting, fishing, and gathering. There are several Native Alaskan leaders who would make great invited speakers. [Nettie Labelle-Hamer]