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Cluster organizers propose that the cluster look at measuring web services patterns of use at sites where large servers are run (e.g., NASA and NOAA). A casual observation is that subsetting services for data access are underused relative to simple file-access, but to qualify and quantify this more data about access patterns are needed. OPeNDAP has some experience with analysis of access data for web services (e.g., server logs) and often has found very telling patterns that can be used to improve server performance, so even if the perception regarding under-utilization it false, there will be significant benefit to the analysis of use. If it is the case that web services are underused, we should ask why. Is it because users lack knowledge about them? Or do these services underperform users' expectations? ESIP represents an excellent forum for this investigation since it is unique in having people representing all three groups of users (implicitly) mentioned above (end-users, system developers and data center managers).

Monthly Teleconference

The Web Services Cluster holds a teleconference on the first and third Mondays of every month.
Next call: First Monday of the month 1 PM EST (10 AM PST)

ESIP Telecon Calendar

Minutes from last call (none)
Conference call archives (coming)

Upcoming Discussion: Web Service Chains

At the next Federation meeting, we are going to demonstrate several web service chains and register all of our (SOAP) services in the ECHO services registry. We plan to use this wiki to coordinate the collaborations and document our services.
Service Collaboration Demos
Talk:May 8, 2006 Web Services telecon
Talk:REST vs. SOAP

OGC Services Discussion Area

While the Service Collaboration Demos page provides information for accessing a variety of OGC and non-OGC web services hosted by Federation members, this discussion page provides an area where we may collect information about specifications, implementations, and experiences with the provision and consumption of the various OGC specifications.
The GALEON (Geo-interface for Air, Land, Environmental, Oceans NetCDF) Interoperability Experiment of the OGC may be of interest to some ESIP partners. The work is being continued and documented as an GALEON OGCnetwork http://www.ogcnetwork.net/galeon. GALEON has focused initially on the Web Coverage Service (WCS) specification, but there is increasing interest in standard interfaces for data catalogs (CSW, Catalog Services for the Web, Web Processing Services (WPS) and Web Coverage Processing Services (WCPS) that could be important in ESIP data and processing services discovery and chaining.
GALEON-related Services is a draft document intended to illustrate how the wiki can be used as a place for GALEON and ESIP participants to collaborate. Hopefully this sort of document can be used as a place where collaborators can update the information for their services and clients.