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:: MEETING NUMBER: *2361171*
:: MEETING NUMBER: *2361171*
:[[WS Minutes from last call|Minutes from last call (none for the moment]]
:[[WS Minutes from last call|Minutes from last call (none)]]
:[[WS Teleconference Archives|Conference call archives (coming)]]
:[[WS Teleconference Archives|Conference call archives (coming)]]

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Upcoming Events

Monthly Teleconference

The Web Services Cluster holds a teleconference on the second Monday of every month.
Next call: Monday March 20, 2006 at 12 PM EST (9 AM PST)
866-325-0587 (Toll-free North America)
2053540145 (International)
Minutes from last call (none)
Conference call archives (coming)

Upcoming Discussion: Web Service Chains

At the next Federation meeting, we are going to demonstrate several web service chains and register all of our (SOAP) services in the ECHO services registry. We plan to use this wiki to coordinate the collaborations and document our services.
Service Collaboration Demos