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WMS Document[edit | edit source]

WMS Service Checkers[edit | edit source]

  • FGDC WMS Status Checker - Checks the WMS GetCapabilities and GetMap for function in one step (returns XML)
  • ESA WMS Checker - Will test GetCapabilities (returns original GetCapabilities or error message) and in separate step GetMap (returns map or error)

WMS Time[edit | edit source]

Each layer should have time in begin_time/end_time/periodicity (pg 68 of WMS 1.1.1 Documentation)

  • Example: Daily data taken at noon since April 15 1995 (periodic interval): 1995-04-22T12:00Z/2000-06-21T12:00Z/P1D

WMS Style[edit | edit source]

Image size should only include portion of image with data. Decoration should be handled separately

  • Common error in WMS is to include decorations (margins, legends, ...) in the bbox size. This causes the data to not be properly geocoded.