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This page is for summarizing the discussion and assessment of on the different versions of the OGC WCS protocol. See also the discussion for this page.

WCS 1.0


WCS 1.0 features relevant to AQ:

The key features of WCS 1.0 ..are here..

WCS 1.1.2


WCS 1.1.2 features relevant to AQ:

  • CF-netCDF is a strongly typed data structure for multidimensional data cubes
    • netCDF gives the storage and data access facility;
    • CF gives it the semantic clarity and specificity.
  • WCS 1.1 data access protocol uses a simple parameter-space-time data query language
    • give me the data for specific Obs parameter, 3D Bounding box, time range.
    • The return payload is a slice or dice (sub-cube) subset of the original data along well defined dimensional axes and boundaries.
  • CF-netCDF data model and WCS 1.1 data access protocol are structurally compatible
    • Observations/Models variables >> map to CF-netCDF ???
    • WCS 1.1 Coverage >>> maps to >>> Dataset, i.e. a set of homogeneous observations that share space/time dimensions. It may be a specific model, obs network etc.
    • WCS 1.1 Field >>> maps to >>> Observation or model Parameter, i.e. AOT, ColumnNO2, SurfaceSo4

WCS 2.0


According to OGC, "This version 2.0 of the Web Coverage Service (WCS) Interface Standard improves (but does not supersede) previous version 1.1.2 [1]. Technical changes from WCS version 1.1.2 include building on the GML 3.2 encoding of coverages, and dividing the standard into this core plus multiple extensions."

Ben Dominico points out that the core specification has been officially adopted by the OGC , so it is no longer in draft form. On the other hand, this does not mean that the specification is complete because the OGC now uses a core and extensions approach to standards, so there are many extensions underway -- including encoding formats. The situation is similar for netCDF. The core specification has been adopted by the OGC along with one extension for the netCDF classic encoding. Work is underway on a CF conventions extension to the netCDF core as well as an extension to the WCS 2.0 for the CF-netCDF encoding. The next version of the WCS data access protocol has been in preparation for some time.

WCS 2.0 features relevant to AQ

The key features of WCS 2.0 are here...add here Weni' PPT.

AQ CoP Assessment of WCS Versions

Here we could say stuff like ... Some use 1.0. The Community WCS server uses 1.1.2. Will monitor 2.0 and prepare for it .....Text to be formulated at the workshop?1