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===visioneers Telecon August 30, 2010===
===visioneers Telecon September 20, 2010===

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visioneers Telecon September 20, 2010[edit | edit source]

notes[edit | edit source]

Visoneers Telecon – September 20, 2010

Present:Bruce Caron,Carol Meyer,Brian Rogan,Rob Raskin,Tyler Stevens,Karl Benedict,Annette Schloss,LuAnn Dahlman

There is a now wiki page posted for both the summer and winter meetings. The ExCom had no concerns about the move of the summer meeting from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. Bruce has put together the first iteration for a best practices document for Technical Workshops. It was also suggested to have one for the Open Meetings as well as one for the Breakout Sessions.

Carol mentioned that if more guidance could be provided to the conveners of the sessions then it would help to generate meeting proceedings at the end of each meeting.

Rahul Ramachadran is working on a way to create these documents easier and compile a proceedings document.

Meeting Theme

Carol gave a recap of the call with Ann Doucette of the Teacher Evaluator Institute. Ann suggested a number of suggestions for workshop sessions on evaluation. This would help our community understand what is valuable to measure and look at and use the information to refine their projects mid-course and to report back to their funders. For projects that are over a significant amount of time, there is a real call for evaluation. This should be considered as the overall theme of the meeting but as ESIP history has shown, the meeting offerings aren’t always tightly focused. The plenary sessions, however, will be close to the theme. OMB has made evaluation a current priority and it isn’t clear how this will affect our sponsors. How can we make metrics valuable?


There were several speaker suggestions that were listed in the wiki, including Ann Doucette, OMB, Bob Donahue of WGBH and a panel of agencies members. Karl asked if there was anyone from NSF that might talk about their evaluative components. NSF does have evaluators that evaluate various projects. Karl is willing to make a couple of inquiries to NSF to see if there is someone who could present.

Heidi Cullen was asked to speak at the summer meeting but was unable to attend. She is interested in attending the winter meeting.

It was noted that Ed Geary of GLOBE to attend. Could he be a speaker? The program is at an inflexion point where it is reinventing itself technologically and has a new mission to do climate change education. With the potential of a new Climate Education Working Group, there may be an interest on their part to attend. There is some travel money to help with their costs.

Would GLOBE be interested in being an in-house case study as part of the meeting? It was felt that we could enter into a conversation and see if they were interested in sharpening their evaluation skill set?

Strand Ideas for the Meeting

Products and Services, Decisions and Energy groups will all want to have strands at the meeting. There are a minimum of five rooms but there is room to grow.

Juried Posters

This was an idea that Chris Lenhardt has been thinking about doing. He feels there have been a number of recycled posters and that we should begin to judge posters based on some types of criteria and offer an award. There has been a document that has been created that shows how to make a good poster. Can we find a way to keep the posters up for longer than just during the poster session?

What are the criteria to judge the poster and what would the winner get? A number of suggestions were given and it was important to note that there does need to be criteria on how they are judged. How does it promote the federation is one important criteria. The criteria could also vary with the theme of the meeting. How does it reflect the community aspect of the federation?

It would be important if we could pdfs of the posters to serve as metrics. Rahul described micro articles which are compressed versions of presentations that could be part of a published collection somewhere.

The next telecon will be October 4th at 2 PM 

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