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Subgroup Members:

  • Stefan Falke
  • Rob Raskin
  • Peter Fox

Issues to Be Addressed:

  • Issues related to how we engage people; transparency; communication
  • At all levels – Federation level – cluster/activity level

:*How does ESIP operate?

  • Pathways to participation – need description of who we are; what we do; where you might fit
  • Orientations for new members – liaison with new members
  • Community Engagement Committee
  • Partnership Committee – follow through


  • Motivate people to get involved; get partners to want to participate - technology is not the limiting factor
  • must be able to articulate member benefits
  • clusters/working groups need to meet partner needs
  • wiki enabled sharing information/collaboration - met a need that was previously done by file sharing, in-person meetings, telecons, listservs - now using all together to engage many people
  • AQ Cluster has used wiki extensively; in addition, now AQ AIP using Google Sites
  • stay open to embracing new technologies as they evolve
  • ESIP breaks down competitive barriers; okay to collaborate
  • The Wiki Is Good for...
  • Archival function
  • Anyone can edit/add
  • Information delivery - dyanmic content (near real-time; shared content)
  • Coordination & Collaboration
  • Wiki Limitations
  • Not a good entry point into cluster activities/ESIP Federation at this point (other technologies can deal with this better)
  • Need a top level entry point
  • Orientation for New Members
  • what is ESIP? (collaboration, value, grassroots)
  • how can I get involved?
  • how can I start a new group?
  • convey how we use virtual means/technologies to carry on business
  • role of Partnership? - need to connect with new Partners
  • role of Type Reps?
  • role of Committee Chairs?
  • examples of things ESIP has done (all levels - ESIP, committees, technical, clusters, wgs, policy, state of activity)
  • stories/metrics
  • sum of the parts is greater than the whole (this idea needs to be better developed; what value does ESIP add?)
  • collaboration across sectors, domains, technologies is value add that the ESIP Federation provides (AQ GEOSS as one example of success & the evenutal creation of an AQ Community of Practice)
  • leveraging resources
  • We are really talking about internal engagment
  • technologies are enablers, not the reason we exist
  • our role is to provide value to our sponsors, benefits to our members
  • What might replace the Community Engagement Committee?
  • Collaboration metrics committee?
  • Collect our own metrics - outcome/output based?
  • How to capture *new* metrics? - collaboration; multi-agency
  • Wiki provides paper trail of collaborations
  • Okay to talk about anecdotes
  • ESIP as an incubator
  • ideas seeded in ESIP Federation - they might mature elsewhere
  • filling gaps; being at the cutting edge
  • sharing of technology - openess
  • What needs to be done to improve ESIP's virtual presence
  • for conducting its business
  • for communicating with external audiences


  • Not really talking about technology - this section needs to be about how the ESIP Federation operates