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Karl: This is a test of the "talk" page. Nice to see your name in "recent changes". When do you want comments on the Use Cases? Also, I wanted to wean us off "eie". At least when we talk, I'd rather we use "ESIP Exchange". The full name is "Earth Information Exchange", but doesn't help us brand "ESIP". Could we replace "EIE" in the use case texts with "Exchange"? I don't mind the "eie" in the names of the Use Cases, just when it is mentioned in the text. :-) HowardBurrows 17:39, 2 February 2006 (EST)

I received your question/comments. You can go ahead and review any of the use cases that are online. I am still in the process of converting and uploading the remainder. I have no problem with the renaming, but this is probably an issue that we want to bring before the working group next week. Karl
Sounds good! See you tomorrow. HowardBurrows