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Main Page? (June 19, 2006)[edit source | reply | new]

Hi Howard, The main page contents are not showing up for me, only the background - is this the case for you too? Erin Sorry - now it seems to work.

Help Addition/Comments (June 16, 2006)[edit source | reply | new]

Hi Howard, I have had a chance to briefly look at the Help:Contents page and I think the help that Rudy and I started could be easily combined with this centeral repository. On a slightly different help note, one of the AQ Naming Conventions members, Michael Schulz, had a question on reverting pages to a previous version. Using his question as a chance to add to the help, I wrote up a simple "how to" on this topic and linked to mediawiki for more information. I agree that these help pages should be listed in a central location and we should try and find a way to organize this, separating guidelines and general help etc. For now, I added my revert pages page to the help:contents page. I wasn't quite sure where to add it to the help, so right now it is just appended to the list. I will keep thinking and adding to the help and we can continue to record the process on the wiki. Thanks- ERobinson 11:55, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

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