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Dr. Jay Turner is an Associate Professor of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Turner holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from UCLA (1987) and a D.Sc. from Washington University (1993), all in Chemical Engineering. Following his M.S. studies, he spent two years at the University of Duisburg, Germany, where he was a DAAD Fellow. Following his D.Sc. studies, Dr. Turner spent eight months on assignment with the Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, as an Air Quality Specialist. He subsequently joined the Washington University faculty in 1994 as an Assistant Professor of Engineering & Policy. Dr. Turner’s research primarily focuses on air quality characterization and control with emphasis on field measurements and data analysis to support a variety of applications in the atmospheric science, regulation and policy, and health studies arenas. He was the Principal Investigator of the St. Louis – Midwest Fine Particulate Matter Supersite. He manages a field site in East St. Louis that has hosted several Federal Equivalent Method testing campaigns and was recently one of two USEPA coarse particulate matter pilot speciation study sites. Current research projects include estimating Pb emissions from piston engine aircraft, source apportionment of ambient particulate matter in Hong Kong, high time resolution air toxics metals measurements, and long-term fenceline monitoring for gaseous air toxics and particulate matter species at an industrial facility. Current and recent consulting activities include monitoring guidance and data analyses for agencies in four states in support of State Implementation Plan development, developing software to aid validation of data from routine monitoring networks, and assessing the impact of a US-funded air quality intervention in Mongolia. A second research area is green engineering with current funding to develop a technical, economic and life cycle inventory model for algal biodiesel production. Dr. Turner has served on several state and local air quality-related advisory committees, the Science and Technical Support Workgroup of the FACA Subcommittee for Ozone, Particulate Matter, and Regional Haze Implementation Programs. He currently serves on the Ambient Monitoring and Methods Subcommittee (AMMS) of USEPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), the Independent Technical Advisory Committee of the Texas Air Quality Research Program, and the Health Effects Institute (HEI) project panel for the National Particle Components Toxicity Initiative. Dr. Turner was general chair for the 2007 Annual Conference of the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR), served on the AAAR Board of Directors for the past three years, and is currently Vice President-Elect for AAAR.