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"Private" discussions[edit | edit source]

Please use my "discussion" page (click tab above) to record open conversations with me personally. eMail is sent to me whenever this discussion page is modified and I will respond ASAP. After you edit the page, click on the "watch" tab to receive email notification as my response will be entered directly on the discussion page.

History of ESIP activities[edit | edit source]

I've been active in the ESIP Federation since its beginning (1998), serving in various capacities (Type II Rep, Vice President, Chair of Metrics, Products and Services, ePresence Working Group, and currently Partnership).

Interests and Expertise[edit | edit source]

digital library, science information systems, wiki and groupware tools, image analysis, semantic interoperability (whatever that may be:radial categories, Bayesian nets...)

Please feel free to ask me wiki questions.