UsabilityCluster/MonthlyMeeting/2017-05-03 MeetingNotes

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Attendees: Reid Boehm, Karen Hanson, Rachel Volentine, Shannon Rauch, Madison Langseth, Tamar Norkin, Sophie Hou

1. Review Usability Test Framework progress thus far

2. Continue developing the “Pre-Test Survey” section of the Framework

  • Demographic information
  • Domain/Area of Study
  • Experience with the system-under-test
  • Motivation
  • Reasons/Interests in the system-under-test
  • Expectation with the system-under-test

  • Sample Questions to Consider for this section:
  • Recommended -
  • What is your field of study? (fill in the blank) (Possibly include link to RDA vocabulary for the suggested values)

Examples for presenting the above questions with predefined values:

               ☐     research
               ☐     program management/project management
               ☐     data management
               ☐     metadata creating
               ☐     database administration
               ☐     ecological modeling
               ☐     policy making
               ☐     field work
               ☐     application development
               Other, please specify here: 
  • How often do you [use a system that is presented by the system-under-test]?
  • How would you rate your experience level with [the system that is presented by the system-under-test]?
  • 1 to 5 (Likert scale) 1 being least 5 being most
  • How often do you [perform the function/task that is being tested]?
  • How would you rate your experience level with [the function/task]?
  • 1 to 5 (Likert scale) 1 being least 5 being most
  • Optional -
  • What are your key job duties?
  • Why are you interested in participating in this test?
  • Is there anything you would like to learn from the experience?

3. Coordinate with RMap team regarding ESIP Summer Meeting sessions

  • User studies with existing RMap features.
  • Dedicated breakout session to introduce RMap and provide usability evaluation for upcoming features.
  • Earlier session will be better so users can attend before doing the usability test
  • Put the poster near the station where they are testing. We can ask Bruce about this.
  • Sophie will confirm 1-on-1 area with Bruce
  • Shooting for ~12 users for the study (3 people per day: morning break, lunch, afternoon break, ‘unconference’), Post on Slack
  • Tweet
  • Include RMap handout
  • Doodle poll: Create Doodle poll with open slots and let people sign up for slots when they are available? Send out link to ESIP All and ESIP data stewardship
  • For June: the goal is to have preliminary content for the framework up to the “usability test itself” section, and the team will aim to rehearse the initial tasks with the mockups.