The HDF Group Support of Easy Access to HDF/HDF-EOS Data

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
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The New HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center Website

The HDF Group made a significant effort to revitalize the HDF-EOS Tools and Information Center website. We'll discuss what's new and why new changes can help NASA HDF/HDF-EOS data users.

Easy Local Access through Comprehensive Examples

We'll demonstrate tool examples to access and visualize various HDF/HDF-EOS data products. Tools include NCL, IDL and MATLAB.

Easy Remote Access via OPeNDAP and Webification

Recent advances in remote data access technology make an instant data access and visualization possible without downloading the whole data files. We'll discuss how to access remote HDF/HDF-EOS data easily via OPeNDAP framework. Further, we'll also demonstrate how the webification idea can simplify data access.

Easy Access for Difficult Files through Augmentation and Conversion

The generic HDF APIs are very rich and it is sometimes hard to pin down core APIs relevant to NASA data products. On the other hand, the HDF-EOS APIs are convenient but may not cover all. For example, some HDF4 data products are only accessible through HDF4 APIs and it is not easy to extract geo-location information from them. We'll discuss the latest development on augmentation tool and conversion library that allows an easy access to difficult files through NetCDF like APIs.