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Data System Profile for Data Summit -- Rhusar 12:04, 30 January 2008 (EST)

Hi Guys, For the EPA Data Summit we have been preparing a wiki workspace, which organizes the various materials for the workshop. A key part of the preparations is the "Data System Profile" that each of us would fill out beforehand. The EPA group would use these profiles to compare and assess the various systems, ditto for the breakout sessions. Anyway, we have prepared a profile form that has been approved by EPA. This profile seems to work for DataFed, however, I would feel much more comfortable if you could give me feedback/suggestions from your perspective. Actually, filling out the form would be even better. Remember, you can change both the forms and the submissions.

Re: Data System Profile for Data Summit -- Louis Sweeny (Louis) 15:54, 28 January 2008 (EST)

minor comment on data form, not quite read to modify the template w/o some group reivew first, will post this on the wiki under template discussion.

Currently read Value-Adding Features Data Access: Data Processing: Visualization/Analysis: End-to-End Integration: Other: could we clarify/expand to :

Primary/Official Store for Some data Data Consolidation/integration Providing Data Access to users/externals: Data Processing: Visualization/Analysis: Decision Support (e.g. some integration into user business process) End-to-End Integration: Other:

Also maybe change "User Feedback Approach" to User Community Organization

We may also need some explanation for some of these, I could help with this later today.

Re: Data System Profile for Data Summit -- Gregory Leptoukh (Leptoukh) 12:08, 30 January 2008 (EST)

Yes, I’ve tried to do it myself but not very successfully. Also I’ve notices that “edit with form” option has disappeared. For items to add:

Original Data Sources, e.g., MODIS-Terra or 3D-QS

Data Intermediary / Broker, e.g., DateFed, Giovanni

ServingDataTo – already cove by Louis’s suggestion

References / publications / presentati

Re: Re: Data System Profile for Data Summit -- Rhusar 12:14, 30 January 2008 (EST)

Hi, We have incorporated the feedback from Louis and Greg and adjusted the template for the Data System Profile. In addition, a submitter can now fill out a form using a doc and we will input it to the wiki. At this time, we have the filled out form for DataFed and GIOVANNI. Joe, Since we are getting close to the Data Summit, it may be easier if other data system custodians just used the word doc. Would you mind sending out the request to the custodians to fill out the form in the word doc ? You could also add a pointer to DataFed and GIOVANNI as samples that have already been filled out. Please let us know what else we could do now regarding the Data System Profiles.