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Water cluster Telecon January 21, 2010


Brian Rogan Bill Sonntag Carol Meyer Chuck Spooner Luis Bermudez Stephanie Grainger


Discuss Use Cases

Chuck discussed the idea of interoperability and that it becomes useful over time. Ultimately want to be able to look at practice with the formats being discussed. This includes OGC, CUASHI, etc.

Bill brought up the idea of water discussions in relation with GEO AIP3. He noted that these discussions have been progressing in Washington.

What is the best thing for the group to do right now? Use Case specificity or what should we look at next, or evaluation? When to come back to specific use cases provided on the Wiki?

There were two use cases already identified as potential uses; Great Lakes beach closure scenario or Chesapeake. Bill has mentioned that the Great Lakes folks are not quite ready. They are expected to get between 500 and 1000 proposals. Their human resources are being stretched by this proposal.

Chuck has met with the Chesapeake person and they are ready to buy into it.

Structurally this should be done as an excel sheet. Data can be added easily.

Carol asked if there is a potential one for drought?

Luis suggested that we put all of this information on the Wiki. It would help to see the summary of the scenarios so that we can make a better decision on which one we concentrate on doing.

Chuck is happy to do the write of the format.

There isn’t a problem with copying a format. AIP is looking for guidance and “borrowing liberally” is OK.

Other questions?

Stephanie suggested that perhaps a use case in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta would be good but it probably isn’t developed as well as the Chesapeake. It may be useful for a future use case.

In terms of procedure, it is best to write up the paragraph and then fill in the template.

Bill suggested that there be a placeholder for the Sacramento potential use case in the Wiki so that it can be developed in the future.

Luis mentioned that we need to see the use case and then see that the semantics will have some common vocabulary and a similar pattern.

There were no final comments.

Action Items

1. Bill and Brian will post information on the Wiki

2. Chuck is going to write up a paragraph that will expound on his PowerPoint in the Chesapeake context

3. Stephanie will add some material for the San Joaquin delta