Telecon 11.07.13 materials

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EOS Piece

  • Discussed with Anne J on Friday, awaiting another draft
  • Hope to get back to Barb at EOS by tomorrow

Workshop Funding Proposal

  • Show budget
  • Goal: get it to Ficomm by tomorrow, does group approve?
  • Anne needs help finding forms to submit

Workshop Participants

  • Spreadsheet of invitees:
  • Jen Schupf said yes, Michael Tiemann, Todd Vision said no
  • Andrew Turner, Billy Williams?

ESIP Meeting

  • Plenary session
  • Breakout session for Feds
  • Group working session?

Web presence, input?

Meeting summary

  • We agreed to submit the funding proposal as drafted, Anne to coordinate with Carol regarding actual submission
  • Microsoft participation in workshop: coordinate w/ Carol. We've not heard from Mike Nelson. (Mike was a BRDI Board member at one time and comes to their events.) But, new development: ESIP has received a membership request from Microsoft Research, so perhaps there is some there to invite. Anne to coordinate with Carol about this.
  • We are waiting to hear from Billy Williams, his deadline is next Wed., 11/13. Bill and a Microsoft person would make 18 total.
  • If we have a space open, Anne is interested in inviting Jim J from Apache and Red Hat
  • Panel discussion - Carol has been working on the invitee list and the invitation
  • Breakout session for Feds: I guess we need and invitation and invitee list?
  • ESIP meeting sessions: Anne to request 2 sessions, one for breakout for Feds and one for the working group to meet
    • Carol and Erin to handle plenary
    • Would like to schedule the breakout for the Feds on the same day as the plenary, after the plenary, so parties could attend either
  • Web page for community outreach, input
    • Post on, include link to Data Study wiki
    • Use Google form to gather input
    • We need questions, content. But, we'll wait until we've drafted the various invitations, as the content we seek is likely mostly contained in those invitations