Telecon (2019-07-03)

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

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  • John Porter
  • Colin Smith
  • Stevan Earl


  • Analyzing keyword usage in the IMCR Extracting metadata from Ontosoft, parsing, and analytical approaches.
  • Revisiting controlled vocabularies Review IMCR terms, identify and integrate science domain into IMCR best practices.
  • ESIP summer meeting plans Review summer meeting presentation and participant activities.


Analyzing keyword usage in the IMCR

Some cursory ideas for analyzing the IMCR contents, primarily for purposes of the summer ESIP meeting in a few weeks.

  • Perhaps a cluster analysis of keywords
  • Word cloud of term use
  • Histogram of term use

Revisiting controlled vocabularies

Science domain


  • planning
    • project management - Too broad. Remove
    • process management (e.g. Kelper) - Rename as "workflow management"
  • collection
    • egress - Rename as "export", perhaps delete
    • ingress - Rename as "import"
    • streaming data - to data streaming
    • storage > data base design to planning
  • assurance
    • cleaning falls under assurance or control
    • spatial data editing/spatial transformation - remove "spatial"
  • describing
    • mind mapping to planning
    • metadata rendering to preservation or to transformation
    • semantic* sub-terms under semantic operations or annotation
  • preservation
    • notification is esoteric (communication)
    • transformation/formatting
  • discovery
    • retrieval and mining under collection
    • crawling - might be too specific
  • integration
    • aggregation - add term
    • merging - added term
    • interoperatbility - move to preservation
    • conversion and reformatting are very simmilar - reformatting under conversion

ESIP summer meeting plans

We never got around to discussing this.

Action items

Revise the IMCR CV considering the notes above and feedback from the RFC. (Colin)