Telecon (2019-05-01)

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  • John Porter
  • Colin Smith
  • Kristin Vanderbilt


  • Spring Hackathon: A summary of applicants will be given, followed by discussion and planning of next steps.
  • Registration Update: An update on recent software registration activities will be presented, followed by brainstorming of where to harvest other software.
  • Controlled Vocabulary Notes: Recent registration efforts have exercised the controlled vocabulary. Notes on the scope of existing terms, and the need for additional terms will be shared.
  • ESIP Summer Meeting: Should we run a session? What should it be?


Spring hackathon

  • Good discussions happening in the hackathon GitHub (
  • Need to survey the landscape to ensure the hackathon project leverages prior work and doesn't duplicate effort.
  • Can an R Shiny application be launched from a users work space?
  • Personal round the room presentations, including their skill set with respect to the project.
  • Focused set of presentations on topics relevant to building the project (e.g. Shiny R, XML parsing, etc.).

Registration update

  • Will be discussed next time.

Controlled vocabulary notes

  • Will be discussed next time.

ESIP Summer Meeting

  • Will be discussed next time.

Action items

  • Draft hackathon agenda (Kristin)
  • Post questions to hackathon issues (Colin)