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== Wiki the Process ==
== Wiki the Process ==

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This page will be used to reflect on wiki experience in this project.

Wiki is a new medium for connecting people but we don’t quite understand how it works and how can people use it to communicate, to share and to create new things together. But that’s OK, most new media are enablers of something and what that something is evolves as the is infused into the host environment.

Information systems, like the Internet are really complicated (really). We dont really have a functional theory of the processes that drive and shape the system. But thats OK too. As Robert Taylor noted, James Watt's steam engine was pumping water for 100 years before Carnot gave a theoretical explanation of its working. So, we can still use and empirically evaluate this wiki without a full blown theory. The Wiki the Tool section deals with the software and it performance. Wiki the Process deals with the deeper issues, like how people used it, what it contributed/hindered etc...

Wiki the Tool

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Wiki the Process