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When I wanna say something, I am gonna say it strongly. Also this is my idea and if you don't enjoy what you read, then my advice is to go on to another website. If you don't appreciate my idea it is bad for you, not for me. I just love what I thinkit is real. Part of myself is really scared and preoccupaid about money spent on things not necessaries but by the other way couldn't give a shit. Unluckily, my husband is not the same. Please, send positive energy, dance around a fire what ever to send the positive energy this way and keep life this way. I have the echo of his words bitching about <a href=http://www.>ludacris ringtone</a> ringing in my head, and how says he's going to hate to spend time like this. Unfortunately, this was also not false. Michelle and I were going through a short-lived period of being an happy couple when he asked an inoffensive enough question. Fair enough. Bye