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dereferencing identifiers. -- Smrtucson (talk) 18:27, 15 March 2014 (MDT)

Use of UUIDs (Opaque hex numbers) means that the references to components can only be dereferenced if the UUID authority is known apriori. Do the NetCDF/NcML conventions include an attribute that identifies/locates the UUID name authority so that UUIDS can be dereferenced, or is the intention that these are always local identifiers in the scope of an individual document (duplicate to reuse instead of referencing).

If these components are intended to be reused, it would make sense to use HTTP URIs that can dereference using the WWW. If the identifiers were considered to identify the componenent content, then content negotiation (MIME types?) or identifier suffixes (.xml, .rdf...) could be used to access different representations of the content, e.g. NcML, ISO19139 XML..