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Identifier Implementation Notes -- Nhoebelheinrich 17:43, 9 November 2010 (MST)


  • DOIs for overall datasets already assigned.
  • limited metadata available to retain (PF will send me a sample of a component list, and the fields possible to include as MD along with what's req'd and not)
  • component DOIs will be persistent in the crossref system, however, at this point, the DOIs assigned to the components are not queryable by the crossref system since they are not indexing the component MD at this time; may be at some point, but not in the near future. Have no funds allocated to do this at this time.
  • can submit component list MD & DOIs in batches of 5 MB at a time.
  • need to make sure the XML file(s?) validate against the crossref.xsd before submitting else the entire batch could be rejected
  • time of response once XML submitted is several minutes - a day (rarely), so immediate gratification
  • type of component MD needed include description in narrative form, format type and the URL created per DOI specs, e.g., 10:etc.
  • cost per component DOI is $.06 billed at time of creation; no cost for updating MD or DOI to registered DOI (assuming that membership fee for organization has been paid). Verify this is the case with ORNL. Calculate cost of Glacier Photo project after all DOIs created.
  • will be one component DOI for either jpeg or tiff of same photo, so is MD based.
  • after submission, response will be in the form of an XML bsed submission log describing what happens to each submission, but also a summary, so can find out how many failed.
  • if component DOI is included in a citation, will be for reference only. No ability to retrieve at this point except as part of the search results list returned from a query that finds the overall dataset DOI. .

NOTE:Component list is better than citation list since no DOIs are assigned when a citation list is created that is part of an existing DOI. Publishers can find out if a an entity that is on a citation list has been cited by other publishers' systems, but the entity itself will have only the metadata that is available as part of the citation form. (Don't know what these are exactly, but since there are no DOIs assigned, does not seem relevant.)

Outstanding Questions:

  • Since MD that can be included in a component list includes only title, contributor, pub date and description, intention is to use either photo_id or photo_number as part of the DOI past the doi prefix for this image collection.