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Data Driven Decision Making: A Workshop for FRWG,ESIP Federation & USG Data Users and Providers

This workshop is being planned by the All Hazards Consortium and ESIP Federation Disaster Lifecycle Cluster to bring together data users and producers for a productive session to accelerate the identification of relevant datasets to be used to support state and private sector readiness to become more resilient.

Date & Location of Workshop

The date is still TBD but will likely be in late August or early September. Details of the workshop will be discussed at the Summer ESIP meeting in Durham, NC during the second Disaster Lifecycle Cluster break-out session. The location is likely to be in the Washington, DC area.


The attendees will include the following:

  • All Hazards Consortium Senior Leadership
  • US Agencies (NOAA NWS, DHS/FEMA)
  • Fleet Response Working Group Members
  • State Emergency Operations Managers
  • Utility Disaster Response Leaders
  • Transportation Sector (Private sector)
  • Fuel Sector (logistics and planning)
  • ESIP Federation Representative(s)
  • StormCenter Communications