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==  -- [[User:Rhusar|Rhusar]] 19:58, 13 January 2010 (EST) ==
== Tech Support for EE Managment ==
* Access to current aq data
* Ease of use (accessible console buttons, easier customizations),
* Tools to help separate smoke caused O3 from the normal pattern (probably with temporal smoothing, like the "excess tool, but perhaps presented as the probability the concentration was not expected).
* Tools to separate dust in the West standardized characterization of "normal" winds.
* An overarching biggy is to reduce the workload of State(s)
* For producing a credible demo (including multistate impacts with duplicate workload)
* and for the EPA/Regional review. 
* Push a button, and out pops an online report, organized like the EE regulatory requirements.
* Commentary cant be automated, so a library of example demos should be maintained.

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