Talk:Data Catalog Side Meeting

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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CNR and GI-Cat: An example of CoP participation -- Rhusar 01:37, 3 September 2011 (MDT)

During the Solta workshop preparation phase, the CNR group has offered the facilities of the general catalog GI-cat to the rather narrow AQ domain. At the side meeting devoted to GI-Cat they have demonstrated that the contents of the AQ Community catalog (ISO 19115 metadata records) can be harvested by GI-cata and merged with other broader catalog contents. Hence, through their voluntary actions, they have demonstrated interoperability ....

During the Catalog side meeting, Stefano Nativi also exposed the various activities/projects of the CNR group and jointly three different CNR projects wer identified that could benefit AQ CoP:

  • Shepherd the AQ Community Catalog (AQCC) into EuroGEOSS and the GEOSS GCI - this the AQ CoP from considerable effort
  • Harmonize the AQCC and EuroGEOSS (e.g. semantic search) - facilitates better semantic interoperability
  • Mutually leverage accessors/adaptors technologies (uFind, GI-cat, GI-axe) - technology sharing, infusion

This initiative by the CNR group illustrates how to build things together by leveriging and using exist on top of ( not instead of) the existing system.

Warm welcome to the CNR group as a m]]amber/partner of the AQ CoP.

Questions: What is the added value of the connected the data providers.. to the users.. to the mediators to the overall networking? What next?