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General Discussion on AQ Cluster

FYI. I just received this announcement and thought that several of you might be interested in attending. Unfortunately, I have a conflict. Meredith Golden SEDAC

The U.S. Geological Survey is hosting the 2nd Earth Science and Public Health Meeting September 12 - 14 at the National Center in Reston. This will be a forum to foster collaboration between the Public Health and Earth Science Communities, which can lead to solutions for existing and emerging environmental health problems. The intended audience is organizations and individuals interested in environmental and earth science factors affecting human health. This meeting is designed to provide a broad forum for discussion, bringing together a variety of interested parties, including policy makers, scientists, resource managers, Congressional staffers, Federal and State government, and non-governmental organizations.

Overall, the meeting will be set up along six thematic areas: (1) exposure to toxic contaminants in air and dust; (2) chemical and pathogen contaminant exposure by drinking water; (3) human consumption of bioaccumulative contaminants; (4) pathogen exposure through recreational waters; (5) vector-borne and zoonotic diseases; and (6) animals as sentinels of human health, along which the USGS public health research is aligned.

The first day of the meeting - Tuesday, September 12 - is an overview day. Invited are a variety of people including DOI, Congressional staffers, and managers from public health organizations, as well as the scientists attending the entire meeting. During this day, we will have a poster session centered around the six topical sessions listed above. The following two days will consist of talks, posters, and break out sessions organized around the six topical sessions.

Registration (no cost), information about abstract submittal, an agenda, and more information about the meeting can be found at: http://health.usgs.gov/