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This is a page for general discussion topics relevant to the Solta 2011 Workshop. You have to login to participate.

Call for papers on "Multidisciplinary Interoperability for EO Systems..". - Erinmr 25 June 2011

This call for papers may be a place for potential outcomes of this meeting.

Papers are solicited for a Special Issue of IEEE J-STARS on Interoperability architectures and arrangements for multi-disciplinary Earth Observation systems and applications.. to address recent breakthroughs in science and technology useful for implementing multi-disciplinary interoperability. They will include the introduction and discussion of new or advanced multi-disciplinary interoperability solutions, as well as the description of innovative multi-disciplinary systems and applications (e.g. Earth System Science applications or multi-disciplinary Observatory Systems)... in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive and inclusive solutions for multi-disciplinary Earth Observation capabilities:
  • The benefits and outcomes of holistic approaches and multi-disciplinary advances for important Societal Benefit Areas
  • Multi-disciplinary initiatives or pilots applying interoperability arrangements and SoS solutions for EO resources.

Manuscript submission deadline: 1 October 2011. Inquiries concerning the Special Issue should be directed to the Guest Editors (see attached for details). The Guest Editors: Stefano Nativi (CNR); Max Craglia (EC -JRC); Siri Jodha Khalsa (NSIDC), Mike Jackson (UNottingham); Gary Geller (NASA)

Re: Call for papers on "Multidisciplinary Interoperability for EO Systems..". - Erinmr 25 June 2011 -- Rhusar 16:00, 25 June 2011 (MDT)

Erin, thanks for the J-STARS reminder. Evidently, the special issue is aimed at the architectures of large data systems serving multidisciplinary communities. The Solta 2011 meeting is focused more on the engineering and technologies of data system interoperability and networking in the rather narrow domain of air quality. So, the primary outcome of this AQ Community of Practice workshop may be somewhat peripheral to the J-STARS issue. But first things first: lets see what will be the actual output and the outcome of the Solta workshop. Will it produce concrete results in furthering the REAL PHYSICAL AQ Data Network? If so, those of us who are interested in the architectural issues may wish to describe the architecture of the REAL PHYSICAL AQ Data Network for the J-STARS issue. More ideas, comments?