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Satellite measurement of Aerosols for Aerosol Measurement book -- PBaron 17:44, 4 Dec 2007 (EDT)

We are planning to update the Aerosol Measurement book that Klaus Willeke and I edited. We wish to add a section of selected topics to include several new areas and highlight ones that weren't addressed adequately in the previous two editions.

Would you be willing to write a short chapter (on the order of 10 book pages) on satellite measurement of aerosols? We are currently awaiting official approval of our proposal from the publisher, Wiley Interscience, though they suggested we work on the new edition. The timeline for completion of the chapter will be on the order of a year from the approval date. We will provide more detail regarding content, format, page limits, etc. if you agree to participate.

Pramod Kulkarni (NIOSH) will join the editorial team for the next edition.

Re: Satellite measurement 0f Aerosols for Aerosol Measurement book -- Rhusar 17:46, 6 Dec 2007 (EDT)

Dear Paul, I would be happy to write a short chapter on Satellite measurements of aerosols for the next edition of your prestigious book on Aerosol Measurements. Please let me know about the next steps.