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Questions and notes from Friday's Call -- Erinmr 18:02, 9 March 2010 (EST)

*** This will be moved to a more appropriate spot ***

  • Have you considered making older services WCS-compliant to allow for more metadata description in order to make services self-describing?
    • Need to follow-up
  • Airnow is using API Key for monitoring. Any issues with that?
    • Stefan asked if considered Open ID
    • Need to follow up with NASA group working on Open ID (Karen)
  • What is difference between coverage and identifier
    • Kari - coverage and identifier are same thing. In 1.1 coverage was changed to identifier
  • Is it ok that identifier = point?
  • Airnow uses AQS parameter, duration code, unit names - These are all things that need conventions within community
  • Airnow also uses Bbox and time sequence (returns both UTC and local)
    • Need a place to collect conventions that group is using.

Four ways to classify WCS Issues:

  1. Issues that are defined within the standard
  2. Which standard version(s) are you implementing?
  3. Extensions of the standard
  4. Other conventions like parameter/units
  • When do standards matter/when do they not?
    • For those datasets that should be reusable to those not familiar with particular decisions made - standard should be followed
    • Datasets that follow community agreed on conventions can be shared within group that adheres to those conventions
    • Some datasets will not fit into conventions or standards and always need special arrangements
  • How to implement bbox for point?
    • Airnow - single point can give time series, but bbox only gives map view.
    • Datafed maintained bbox in the WCS point implementation