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TOMS_AI_G - TOMS Absorbing Aerosol Index

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Description: TOMS_AI_G is an aerosol related dataset derived from the Total Ozone Monitoring Satellite (TOMS) Sensor. The TOMS aerosol index arises from absorbing aerosols such as dust and smoke in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Parameters: Aerosol Index
Domain: Aerosol | Platform: Satellite | Instrument: No Instrument | Method: RemoteSens | Type: GRID | Periodicity: No Periodicity"No Periodicity" is not in the list (HOUR, HALF_HOUR, SIX_HOURS, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, YEAR, FIVE_YEARS, NONE) of allowed values for the "Periodicity" property. | GeoRange: No GeoRange"No GeoRange" is not in the list (NAM, US, EUR, GLOB, SEASIA, SAM, SWASIA, AFRICA) of allowed values for the "GeoRange" property. | Time Period: No TimePeriod"No TimePeriod" is not in the list (REALTIME, HIST, FORECAST) of allowed values for the "TimePeriod" property. Key Use: No Key Uses

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