TIWG Agenda July 22 2010

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This session will discuss the use cases that the NASA Technology Infusion Working Group has been collecting for the Decadal Survey missions - CLARREO, DESDynI-L, and SMAP. The workshop aims to gather community input on identifying commonality and technical challenges across the missions as well as identifying any missing use cases.


  • Session 1
    • Introduction, purpose, and goals
    • Background on the Decadal Survey
    • Background on the Capability Vision
    • User communities overview
    • Overview of the use cases
  • Session 2
    • Group assessment of first use case
  • Session 3
    • Breakout groups - use case detail
  • Session 4 - Summary and conclusions
    • Identify common themes
    • Identify missing use cases
    • Define next steps

Backup Documentation

Use Cases. (TIWG wiki - moved 2010-12-30)

Capability Vision Pyramid (png)

Capability Vision Pyramid with notes (pdf)

Capability Vision - capability details (pdf)

Decadal Survey Missions Poster (pdf)

Developing Use Cases from the Various User Communities for Decadal Survey Mission Products (pdf)

Session worksheet (Google docs).