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To connect

  • Dial in using your phone: :United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
    • Access Code: 618-011-013


  1. ROI Paper


cyndy, phil, bob, shelley, margaret




  • ROI Paper

summarizing gtm chat:

  1. since first version was an essay, the background and disc are mixed. need to be split out into what is background (citable) and what is our work (results)
  2. dataset will need revision (no problem)
    1. Margaret/Corinna action item
    2. note: CP thinks there might be a bit missing, see yellow highlight on costs-summary.
  3. results table is now is two tables,
    1. summary responses for metrics for measuring cost,
    2. summary - measuring value added
      1. new tables:
  4. potential discussion points: some metrics fall easily into one level-of-implementation box. some do not. Ones that dont are for a variety of reasons.
  5. some of our metrics are indicators that are not inherently in $$. some are just impact metrics. may need to make the point that we started from a financial ROI. need to find the right language for that.
    1. action item: revisit beagrie - they went beyond fiancial benefits. see what language they used.
  6. title: might want a different title.
  7. Reception:
    1. CP already using this for all of USDA
    2. from shelley: The recommended metrics and measurements that inform the community on performance and value of scientific repositories
      1. Shelley, fresh from CDF. Danie will introduce them to the FAIR inventory that ___ and Michael Witt put together. also core trust seal (ref Rebecca K).
      2. RK will walk core seal folk thru, in a series of recorded webinars. before Feb, but no deadlines for core seal-ites
  8. another reference
  9. Schedule:
    1. Phil - methods, intro (will do soonish)
    2. Bob - has time in the next few weeks - mostly discussion/intro,
    3. Margaret/Cyndy/Corinna - October
  • Next call: October 12

Action Items