Survey of Knowledge Graphs

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November 4, 2022

The Discovery Cluster is surveying knowledge graph implementation across the Federal Government. Past cluster activities have focused activities at NASA, including the UBD graph (Usage Based Discovery), and the CMR graph (and perhaps others?). Other federal agencies are using knowledge graphs for a variety of purposes, and this survey will help us coordinate and work together towards shared solutions, standards, and best practices.

The Discovery Cluster is exploring the possibility of connecting these various knowledge graph implementations using a technique analogous to the federation of metadata catalogs that had been successful in the aggregation of geospatial metadata from different federal agency authoritative sources. We are inquiring whether it's possible to federate semantic resources across federal agencies, and what role ESIP could play in this respect to coordinate activities across the Earth science data management community.

May 26th, 2023 update.

We've surveyed implementations: Know Where Graph (NSF's Open Knowledge Networks), GeoPlatform, ESRI's ArcGIS Knowledge. Next month, we will round out the survey with a presentation by Ryan Berkheimer, the Data Architect for the NCEI Archive. Recordings are available for each of these sessions, and it would be great to follow up with a synthesis of these efforts and decide how to proceed. Stay tuned...

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