Summer Meeting, Knoxville, TN Meeting Notes

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Formation of “Data Visualization Working Group” led by Kevin Ward and Bruce Caron: This working group will be an ongoing effort focused on building visualization tools and knowledge.

Expanding the speaker base for “Rants and Raves” telecom:Seeking new volunteers to present problems related to IT or interoperability or new technologies. The committee will try to recruit special invitees to present at these telecoms. The suggested list includes:

  • Jim Hendler (RPI) to talk about effort
  • Dean Williams (ESG)
  • Chaitan Baru (UCSD)
  • GEOS processing
  • NOAA interoperability effort for ocean – Jeff de la Beaujardiere
  • Document interoperability – Ted Habermann
  • Randy Butler – (Peter Fox) – security requirements for science infrastructures
  • Seeking other suggestions

Short discussion on “Structured Publishing” within ESIP: Rahul needs to send out an outline with both the operational model and the possible implementation approach.