Summer 2016 Meeting

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July 19-22, 2016


The 2016 Summer ESIP Federation Meeting will be held at the Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC.

Meeting Enhancement Issues and Thoughts

Sub-Theme Options

2016 Meeting Theme: Frontiers in Earth Sciences Big Data

Types of breakouts

  • Talk (e.g., Powerpoint)
  • Demonstration (online software or web-site walk-through
  • Problem-solving session (facilitated discussion among participants to address a specific problem)
  • Tutorial/Training (instructor-led classroom-style session to teach attendees)/lab
  • Panel Session
  • Writing Session
  • Hack Sprint (mini Hackathon)
  • Planning Session

May also think about breaking breakouts into shorter/longer chunks

Plenary Talk Ideas

  • Approach Heidi Cullen, Chief Scientist of Climate Central (see her at 3:30 min into this video)

Discussion and notes

  • Moveable Feast / Disney's Carousel of Progress afternoon
"lightning-style" 10-15 min talk
each talk would be pre-approved by a seasoned communicator