Summer 2014 Meeting

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*** This was the planning and development space for the Visioneers. For all meeting details see the ESIP site: ***


July 8-11, 2014


Copper Mountain/Frisco, CO

Local Restaurants

Extracurricular Things to Do

  • Jam Session - Jeff DLB
  • Cook out
  • Field trip
  • Bike ride from Vail Pass to Frisco (or Copper Mt to Frisco)
  • Bike Rental
  • Disc Golf
  • Hiking - The Colorado Trail runs through the ski area
  • Go-Karts, Paddle Boats, Bungee Jump, Climbing Wall, Zip Line
  • Scenic Chair Lift


The Summer ESIP Federation meeting (July 8-11, 2014 in Frisco, CO at Copper Mountain). The agenda will follow the following structure:

July 8

  • Workshops

July 9:

  • Morning – plenary
  • Lunch at Friday Center
  • Afternoon – Breakout sessions (work sessions, discussion-based sessions and workshops)
  • Early Evening – reception

July 10

  • Breakout sessions (work sessions, discussion-based sessions and workshops)

July 11 (adjourn at lunch)

  • Breakout sessions (work sessions, discussion-based sessions and workshops)


  • Sustainable Software for Science Data and Services (Habermann)
  • Transforming Earth Science and Data through Software Tools bruce c (talk)
  • Linking It All Together: Software's Role in Supporting Science Data and Services

Session Ideas

  • OPeNDAP Dev Workshop
  • HDF Workshop
  • EarthCube Conceptual Design Architecture
  • LTER Data Managers Meeting
  • Software Carpentry Bootcamp?

Known Activities/Sessions

Action Items

Jan. 27, 2014 Telecon Notes

Participants: Adam Shepherd, Anne Wilson, Bruce Caron, Carol Meyer, Corinna Gries, Cyndi Chandler, Denise Hills, Erin Robinson, James Gallagher, Peter Fox, Steve Diggs, Ted Habermann, Margaret Mooney, Tyler Stevens

Winter Meeting Debrief

  • Erin Robinson provided an overview of the Winter Meeting evaluation responses. (Survey Results)
  • other comments
  • more protein choices at breakfast
  • earlier deadline for session submission
  • better remote capabilities, especially on audio
  • 7 parallel tracks might be too many
  • students need AV support to help them in each room

Summer Meeting 2014

  • Erin provided overview of meeting space in Frisco, CO at Copper Mountain.
  • Action: add altitude instructions to meeting website - tips for acclimating to elevation. (one example,
  • Other groups proposing to meet: DataONE (Michener/Koskela), LTER (Gries), OPeNDAP/HDF (Gallagher/Habermann), EC Enterprise Architecture (Yang), EC Data Facilities (Diggs), Drupal Lab (Caron)
  • Theme possibilities
  • Sustainable Software for Science Data and Services
  • OPeNDAP developers meeting at ESIP
  • HDF workshop (iPython notebook for sharing annotated data/analysis)
  • Software Carpentry boot camp
  • Science Software
  • Denise Hills - theme might not be inclusive enough
  • Carol Meyer - Software - the missing piece of a larger puzzle that includes data and systems
  • Peter Fox - Does the theme really infuse all of the meeting's activities. (Response - not really, probably with plenary sessions; less so for breakouts)

Next Telecon

  • February 10, 2014 at 1 EST/10 PST