Summer 2010 Meeting

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ESIP Federation Summer 2010

The outline below comprises the outline for elements of the ESIP Federation Summer Meeting (July 20-23, 2010 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville). The program is beginning to evolve. Feel free to contribute your ideas below.

Possible Themes

  • Energy and Climate
  • Carbon and Climate (takes advantage of expertise at ORNL/UT in carbon)
  • Climate Indicators (highlights the Federation role in providing information; GCMD has a distinct keyword category for this; analogous to "environmental indicators" that is in popular use)
  • Climate and Biodiversity (2010 is the official International Year of Biodiversity)

Possible Speakers

Jim Rogers, Duke Energy
Jim Hansen, NASA
Someone from UTK Baker Center ( California Energy Commission Utilities Military/National Security TVA FERC

Potential Breakout Tracks

  • Science Communication (or a possible workshop topic)
communicating with media
communicating with public
using social media for communication
using visualizations as communication methods

Technical Workshops

Education Workshops

Open Meeting Day

NASA Standards Process Group - All day, July 22 - Tentative topic: Reference Architectures and Standards for Decadal Survey Data Systems

Poster Session

FUNding Friday

Possible Side trips

  • Tour of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Will need to be set up ahead of time, but possible.
  • Dollywood (

Relevant Links

UT Conference Center (