Summer 2007 Meeting Agenda

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Draft UN-AGENDA for SUMMER 2007 Meeting[edit | edit source]

MAJOR THEME: ESIP Forum[edit | edit source]

the ESIP Forum: Working together to solve each other's problems[edit | edit source]

There is a style of meeting called "Open Space" that has been developing as an un-agenda form of meeting:

Check out their website:

[Welcome to Open Space]

Check out this report of the NY barcamp by Wired: [Wired Barcamp Story]bruce c 13:06, 3 October 2006 (EDT)

SUB THEME: Streamlining ESIP Activities[edit | edit source]

DAY ONE: plenaries and large group discussions[edit | edit source]

morning[edit | edit source]

Afternoon[edit | edit source]

Evening[edit | edit source]

Poster session

DAY TWO: Small groups--Open Space Discussions[edit | edit source]

morning[edit | edit source]

BREAKFAST: getting the meeting going! Putting session ideas on THE BOARD

TWO ONE-HOUR sessions... 5? breakout rooms and round-table discussions in the dining room

LUNCH: report-outs from morning sessions... NEW BOARD for afternoon sessions at END of lunch

Afternoon[edit | edit source]

TWO ONE HOUR sessions... then a LONG BREAK (90 minutes)...

GENERAL MEETING back in dining room:

30 minutes of REPORTING OUT...


Day THREE[edit | edit source]

MORNING[edit | edit source]

ESIP Organizational meetings and business...

Assembly time... conversations with Staff

ADD-ONS[edit | edit source]

BUS to taliesin


GOLF CLUSTER... to where?