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Ruth Duerr

My bio and CV are online at


Data stewardship, as a topic of concern of scientific societies, publishers and decision makers, has come a long way since the day, way back when, when I was drafted to be ESIP’s first chair of what was then the Data Preservation and Stewardship cluster. Data citation procedures are slowly working their way through academia and government agencies; attention is now being paid to all of the other sorts of research objects (e.g., software) that contribute to published findings, and forward progress is being made in all sorts of data stewardship related areas, from markup to publisher mandates, scientific society statements and involvement of the public in science.

This forward progress is laudable, especially in these days where trust in science is being eroded and the validity of findings questioned. ESIP and what is now the Data Stewardship Committee has been and continues to be at the forefront of this progress. Moreover, other organizations are beginning to join ESIP because of that work and the desire to continue making progress in a coordinated fashion. Just in the last few months several members of the EDGI, S2AC, Data Together, Studio30k, Science for Action Network (SCAN), and PEGI organizations have begun to attend the data stewardship teleconferences to see how our respective groups can work together. This hopefully will bring a wealth of new blood and opportunities to a committee whose members are dedicated but stretched to their maximums, with many members leading one or more of the clusters and other groups that fall under the umbrella of this committee. It is especially gratifying to find such external organizations reading and paying attention to the recommendations in ESIP’s Stronger Together [1] white paper.

If I am elected for a second term as chair of the Stewardship Committee, I expect to foster such cross-sector collaboration and to continue working with all of the committee members to move the work of our clusters, the committee as a whole, and ESIP in general forward.

[1],, Ruth Duerr,,,, Andrea Thomer, and “Stronger Together: The Case for Cross-sector Collaboration in Identifying and Preserving At-risk Data”. ESIP, April 4, 2017.