Service Interoperability Experiments

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What links here: Service Interoperability Experiments

OGC Interoperability Experiments and Demonstrations

OGC is responsible for a number of interoperability experiments and demonstrations that are conducted as open, community excercises.

GALEON Interoperability Experiment

The GALEON OGCnetwork provides an intellectual commons for continued work on GALEON (Geo-interface to Atmosphere, Land, Earth, Ocean, NetCDF). For the first year, GALEON existed as an OGC WCS Interoperability Experiment (IE) for implementing and testing clients and servers for WCS gateways to netCDF datasets.

GEOSS Services Network Interoperability Demonstrations

The GEOSS Services Network (GSN) is a persistent network of publicly accessible OpenGIS-accessible services for demonstration and research regarding interoperability arrangements in GEOSS. GSN is the basis for demonstrations in the GEOSS Workshop series. GSN scenarios will also draw from the broader OGC Network.

  • GEOSS and GSN Overview
  • Scenarios supported by GSN
  • Principal organizations in GSN

DataFed GSN Demo - Beijing
GSN Demo - Denver

ESIP Service Collaboration Demos