Sept 22

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners
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Environmental Decision Making Cluster September 22, 2009

Participants: Ed Armstrong, Bob Chen, Yuechen Chi, Naomi Diedenbecker, Bob Downs, Greg Foti, Dave Jones, Carol Meyer, Drew Pilant, Will Pozzi, Ana Prados, Rob Raskin, Manny Smith


Fall AGU Meeting (Dec. 14-18, San Francisco) - 2 Environmental Decision Making Sessions (17 presentations)
  • Poster Session
  • Oral Session
NAS Symposium on Scientific Data for Evidence Based Policy and Decision Making (Sept. 24 in Washington, DC)
  • held in conjunction with NAS Board on Research Data and Information (formerly US International Committee on CODATA)
NASA ESDSWG meeting next month
  • Tech Infusion - should decision support technology be a subgroup (like web services, sensor web, semantic web)

Winter ESIP Federation Meeting:
-Invitations issued for federal panel plenary, policy/decision maker panel and author/researcher Sheril Kirshenbaum
-How to understand federal partner challenges in supporting decision making under GEOSS
-Invite NASA Decisions winners to meeting/poster session; others from NSF, NOAA
-Breakout track related to environmental decision making
1. Case Studies (Tuesday afternoon)

  • Ana Prados, session leader
  • Links to ESIP Clusters

2. Technology Developers (Wednesday afternoon)

  • Karl Benedict, session leader
  • understand how decision support systems are used
  • data integration tools/methods

3. Science Data Inputs/Community Needs (Thursday morning)

  • Menas Kafatos, session leader (to be confirmed)
  • Scientists - how their data could be used (new missions/decadal missions)

4. Metrics (Thursday afternoon)

  • Chuck Hutchinson, session leader
  • what makes a good decision?
  • what is the value of the data produced by ESIP Federation partners?
  • where do we go from here?


  • Need to be solution-oriented (not just problem identification)
  • Cluster poster at poster session

Where to Go from Here:

  • use cases
  • supporting near-real time data access

Next Meeting: October 27, 2009