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Here, we list several considerations for data acquisition and transmission.
* Acquisition Methods
** manual
** Wi-Fi
** cellular
** satellite
** serial
* Bandwidth
** bandwidth requirements ''(e.g., is 10Hz data needed?)''
** where to get broadband POP?
** ability of equipment to work with required bandwidth
* Line of sight (LOS)
** environment, topography, and vegetation
** LOS calculators
** are repeaters required?
* Repeaters
** ''See [[Sensor Site and Platform Selection]] considerations''
** distance to repeater
* Power
** how important is real-time accessibility? ''(e.g., what is desired collection frequency?)''
** power requirements
** on-site buffer size?
* Other considerations
** reliability of transmission mode
** reliability and robustness of equipment
** configuration and software ''(e.g., what level of expertise is needed?, computer requirements)''
** serial-to-ethernet devices
** budget

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