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November 22, 2010 Telecon

  • Short description of Test Bed
  • Review of ESIP Winter Tutorial Syllabus and timing/ scheduling at ESIP
  • Decision on presenters for each component
  • Time line for content development and review.
  • Need for another telecon before ESIP

July 28, 2009 Telecon

Recommendations for Semantic Web Markup of Existing XML

Requirements for Products and Services Testbed

Storage of triples, SPARQL query testing

June 23, 2009 Telecon

no telecon - we are all writing proposals

May 26, 2009 Telecon

no telecon - AGU meeting

February 24, 2009 Telecon

1100 PT/ 1200 MT/ 1300 CT/ 1400 ET/ 1900 UT
Phone: 800-508-7631 (international call in: 334-323-3031)
Meeting Code: *8202307*

Topics (feel free to add your ideas):

  • ESIP participation in ontology development
    • veting and getting feedback on specific developments for the data-type ontology
      • Data Ontology (CMAPS public server: IHMC Public CMAPS (3)/ user/ESIP-Semantic Web/Data Ontology/SAM_ontology_latest_1_9_01b)
        • Address specific questions: Under StructuralRepresentationType. Should we remove DimensionalRepresentationType class since Map, Raster and Vector are also 1 or 2 dimensional in structure. Spectrum and Timeseries could be subclasses of Vector.
        • Need to add instances for specific concepts
    • discussing how it will be used in a demo