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Semantic Web Cluster Meetings

  • Thursday, January 8, 2009
  • Tuesday, January, 2008,
  • introductions (if required)
  • status of datatype and service ontology collaboration
  • water and carbon ontology collaboration
  • other items

SW Cluster Meeting Notes

  • July 2008 ESIP Federation meeting
WATCH THIS SPACE for activities
  • January 2008 ESIP Federation meeting (Jan 9-10, 2008, Washington, DC)
Semantic Web tutorial - building ontologies [[Media:Tiwg2008_ontologies_tutori


Services Ontology Presentations/Discussion [[

/Breakout_Sessions-Day_1#Technical_Breakout_2b_-_Developing_an_Ontology_for_Serv ices]]

  • July 2007 ESIP Federation meeting (July 17-20, 2007, Madison, WI)
Cluster workshop/semantic web tutorial - Tuesday July 17 - 1-3PM - http://wik

Cluster meeting - Tuesday July 17 5:30 PM
Plenary presentation - Wednesday July 18 4-6PM (NOTE CHANGE IN DAY) includes d


Use case scenarios working session - Thursday July 19 PM http://wiki.esipfed.o


Call for presentations and demonstrations (current submissions follow)
Introduction to Semantic Web by Peter Fox
EIE by Rob Raskin
Semantic Web Services: Discovery and Chaining by Liping Di
NOESIS: Smart Search for Geoscieces by Helen Conover and Rahul Ramachandran
VSTO: A Deployed Semantically-Enabled Interdisciplinary Virtual Observatory b

y Peter Fox

  • January 2007 ESIP Federation meeting
Agenda -


[ Tutorial a

nd Semantic Web roadmap presentation]


inal.pdf Presentation])

Beta-release of web portal for NOESIS: contact Rahul Ramachandran for feedback (rramach