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  • Welcome to the Semantic Web Cluster activity

Cluster Task Activities[edit | edit source]

Data-type and Service Ontology[edit | edit source]

Part of the cluster activity involves developing a community-based set of ontologies for use in
Earth Sciences. The first step is to address data-types and services (web services).
See recent discussions at

DSO Workshop May 15-16, 2008[edit | edit source]

Proposed Agenda[edit | edit source]
  • May 15th

8:30 gather, setup, chatting. Please come prepared with: accounts on the cmap server, on planetont and the wiki set up (see below) use cases (see below)

9am, quick intro, review of what we have done, what we plan to achieve

use cases to drive services and service to drive data type needs review of data-type ontologies - ours and others review of service ontologies - ours and others assessment of language encodings (we agreed to use RDF/OWL/OWL-S to start, still okay?)

10:30am break.

11-12:30 working session on data type ontologies

12:30-1:30 lunch

1:30 review status, discussion

2:00 continue working session on service ontologies

3:30 break

5:00 regroup and assess, work to data, and match with use cases, prepare for working session on service ontologies

6 pm happy hour, then dinner.

  • May 16th

9am review plans for day.

9:15 wild and crazy ideas from Howard Burrows

9:45 continue working session on service ontologies

10:30 break

12:30 lunch

1:30-3:00 summary discussion

Preparation details[edit | edit source]
  • Accounts
1. cmap server, contact Rahul
2., contact if you want to upload ontologies here (Peter), otherwise, open access
3. ESIP wiki set up - use this site - please create pages under this heading

Tools we will use[edit | edit source]

[Cmap - the Concept Mapping Tool]

[Protege - ontology editor - download]

Guidelines for collaborating with Cmap

Meta-tags to add when making changes: - you can annotate classes with comments.

  • Shared CMAP for this work: "Shared Cmaps in Places -> IHMC Public Cmaps (3) -> Users -> ESIP-SemanticWeb
  • Two folders (data-type and services)

Use Cases[edit | edit source]


Data-type Ontologies[edit | edit source]


Service Ontologies[edit | edit source]


White Paper/ Terms of Reference[edit | edit source]



Community processes for ontology development is now functioning - please use it

Semantic Annotation/tagging[edit | edit source]

Concept Mapping and beyond[edit | edit source]

Telecons and Meetings[edit | edit source]

TELECON is not currently being held - we are in search of a new day/time

2nd Tuesday of each month: 1100 PT/1200 MT/1300 CT/1400 ET/1900 UT
Toll-free:            800-508-7631  (international call in:  334-323-3031)
Meeting Code:   *8202307* (the * is important)

Subscribe to the email list at:

Next SW Cluster Meeting Agenda[edit | edit source]

Tuesday, January TBD, 2008, time TBD

  • introductions (if required)
  • status of datatype and service ontology collaboration
  • water and carbon ontology collaboration
  • other items

Previous Telecon Agenda[edit | edit source]

SW Cluster Telecon Notes[edit | edit source]




Telecon for 20070410 was cancelled




Cluster meetings[edit | edit source]

SW Cluster Meeting Notes

Next business meeting July TBD, 2008, time TBD at the 2008 Summer ESIP Federation Meeting.

  • July 2008 SIP Federation meeting
WATCH THIS SPACE for activities
  • January 2008 ESIP Federation meeting (Jan 9-10, 2008, Washington, DC)
Semantic Web tutorial - building ontologies Presentation
Services Ontology Presentations/Discussion [[1]]
  • July 2007 ESIP Federation meeting (July 17-20, 2007, Madison, WI)
Cluster workshop/semantic web tutorial - Tuesday July 17 - 1-3PM -
Cluster meeting - Tuesday July 17 5:30 PM
Plenary presentation - Wednesday July 18 4-6PM (NOTE CHANGE IN DAY) includes demos
Use case scenarios working session - Thursday July 19 PM
Call for presentations and demonstrations (current submissions follow)
Introduction to Semantic Web by Peter Fox
EIE by Rob Raskin
Semantic Web Services: Discovery and Chaining by Liping Di
NOESIS: Smart Search for Geoscieces by Helen Conover and Rahul Ramachandran
VSTO: A Deployed Semantically-Enabled Interdisciplinary Virtual Observatory by Peter Fox
  • January 2007 ESIP Federation meeting
Agenda -
Tutorial and Semantic Web roadmap presentation
NOESIS (Presentation)
Beta-release of web portal for NOESIS: contact Rahul Ramachandran for feedback (