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Semantic Technologies Committee Monthly Call


  • Brandon Whitehead, Chair, whiteheadb [at] landcareresearch [dot] co [dot] nz
  • Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Co-Chair, pbuttigi [at] mpi-bremen [dot] de



More Information

* The Federation of Semantic Resources for Earth and Environmental Science (SeREEn Federation, or SeREEn)  is being developed to improve awareness of and collaboration between the many, scattered semantic resources emerging in the domain of Earth and environmental science.  

The first action of the SeREEn Federation is to compile an easily maintainable and open registry of such semantic resources as an attempt to better understand: 1) which resources are under active development and what topics they address; 2) which resources are mature and, in contrast, which are in alpha or beta stage; 3) where the resources are housed and/or accessed; 4) whether the resource is available under a reusable license; 5) whether the resource is operational-grade (persisting across many projects and stable enough to build systems on) or research-grade, and 6) whether it includes standard metadata about the ontology?

The SeREEn Federation is an activity of the ESIP Semantic Technologies Committee.  It is in its infancy.  All are welcome to contribute.

Vision of the Semantic Technologies Committee

  1. Promote research and development of semantic technologies in support of Earth science data discovery, dissemination, and analysis
  2. Collaborate with ESIP members, working groups, clusters, and standing committees on semantic related topics
  3. Foster sharing and reuse of ontologies and controlled vocabularies
  4. To provide a collaborative environment for the development of ontologies and ontology-based standards
  5. To maintain a long-term agenda and roadmap for evaluation of semantic technologies within ESIP
  6. To collaborate with external agencies, on behalf of ESIP, in regards to semantic technologies

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