Seeding an AQ Network

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  • Provide a web space where the principles and vision of a Community Air Quality Information Network can be advanced, tested, nurtured, demonstrated
  • to set the stage for a transition to real, operational applications
  • enable loosely coupled networking among nodes/participants


  • Ability to access, integration, analyze (process) and visualize AQ data
  • Lists/catalogs of AQ datasets and tools/services
  • Ability to create my own custom applications
  • Mechanisms for feedback and annotation
  • Connections among different components

Starting Point

AQ Architecture.png

  • Use existing pieces
    • Catalogs (GEOSS, GCMD, DataFed, ...)
    • Data access (DataFed, Giovanni, ...)
    • Analysis services (DataFed, Giovanni?, Northrop Grumman, )
    • Workflows (DataFed, SciFlow, Kepler, WfCS, BPEL)
    • Visualization (DataFed, GoogleEarth, NEISGEI, other mashup Applications (GoogleMaps, OpenLayers, AdobeFlex,...)
    • Architecture/Framework (GEOSS, DataFed,...)
  • NO2 Analysis?
    • OMI ...
    • Surface data ...
    • Models ...
    • Emissions data ...
    • Compare different NO2 products
    • Ability of OMI to capture wildfire smoke
    • ...